Old Top Gear: American Concept Cars

(part two here)

as he was only on it for about a year, finding clips of james on the old top gear is a lot harder than finding ones of jeremy 

also, he refers to driving  car at 55 mph as ‘driving a bit like a jesse’

for even more retrospective hilarity, in the second part, he points to the camera and insists that you listen to his lengthy ramblings 

Mr. May obviously never dreamed that an American audience lay in his future…..


I’m doing a series of 3d vehicles :)> on vimeo / dribbble

Love your work!!!


I’m doing a series of 3d vehicles :)
> on vimeo / dribbble

Love your work!!!


Here is a quite nice interview with James May regarding the Toy Stories Hornby episodes.  I hadn’t ever heard this one before.

It really is touching because he admits he was fairly insecure about proceeding with the model-train documentaries because he was afraid he was putting too much of his own sentimentality and personal life out there.  The interviewer (who seems like a lovely chap) reassures James that it makes more compelling telly when the presenter has a personal passion for the subject material.  On the whole, the interview is well worth a listen.  At just over forty minutes, it’s a delightful stretch of insight into the Great Train Race installment of the Toy Stories series.

Thank you so much for uploading this! Probably the best interview I’ve ever heard with him, and unfortunately I am now more hopelessly in love with him than ever.


James Moaning

This bit with a spirograph is a followup from my previous post from his program My Sisters’ Top Toys. 

The sounds here are ever so slightly pornographic. Actually, the sounds are a LOT pornographic. 

Thank you to topgearmistress for originally pointing me in the direction of the program and to a-trial-run-on-paper for directing me to this clip. The entire episode can be found on youtube



James Gasping 

It really needs no more descriptive a title than that. Do yourself a favor and listen to this the first time with your eyes closed. You will not be disappointed. 

This is from James May’s My Sister’s Top Toys and is near the end where they are talking about illustrations from the LadyBird books. (I feel a bit slighted that I never had those in the States after seeing his reaction. 

Seriously, this is porn.

Thank you so much to topgearmistress for pointing this bit out to me!! 

I found this on YouTube. The entire episode is there. I’ll see if I can post the link.

I would also like to recommend for your listening, um, pleasure, 1) the segment in this same show where he draws with a Spirograph—there’s some oral ejaculating when the artist he’s interviewing uses it perfectly, and 2) among the extras on the Toy Stories DVD (I saw it on Youtube, I think?), James visits the top secret vault at LEGO, and at one point he makes that sound of extreme pleasure that one makes when kind of sucking on your tongue and inhaling at the same time—you know, like something feels so good that it hurts, or vice versa. Not quite as pornographic as the LadyBird reaction, but still not to be missed.


My photos from the top gear live show in Turin !

It’s on my Facebook page cause there are 119 photos , but it’s public so you should see it!



You have to start with ‘Buongiorno!’.